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See what information Australian insurance companies know about your home and motor insurance claims history.

General insurance companies are required to disclose to policy holders, in their Privacy Statements and Privacy Policies, the extent to which your personal information may be shared with other insurance companies, loss assessors, claims agents and insurance reference bureaus. IRS is an insurance reference bureau and is one of the key resources that insurance companies rely upon for sharing and verifying your insurance claims history across other insurers, to assist in claims management and detection of insurance fraud.

This information may be used by insurers to validate information provided to them when quoting, assessing your claim or setting your premium. My Insurance Claims Report is based upon the aggregated home and motor claims records of the IRS home and motor claims database.

Find out what is in your historical claims report, including:

  • Personal Insurance Claims Report
  • Insurance enquiries (last 5 years)
  • Insurance claims (last 10 years)


My Insurance Claims ReportSAMPLE REPORT


Failure to correctly disclose your historical claim record when you take out your insurance policy could result in denied or significantly reduced claim payout. It is the policy holder’s obligation to correctly disclose prior claims history.

This report contains personal information concerning your home and motor insurance claims history. It is an offence for a person to falsely obtain personal information about another person, including making a false declaration to gain access to another person’s personal information. 

IRS does not make any representation or warranty as to the information provided by IRS members and which is used to generate Insurance Claims Reports.